Can Gaza be rehabilitated without aiding Hamas?

Ilan Goldenberg:

Well, I think half the root causes are Israeli actions, in terms of — especially just focusing on Gaza, on the blockade.

And the other half is Hamas’ choice to use violence and arm itself in response. Or you could argue that these really blockade is in response to Hamas’ choices to arm itself and use violence. The two things kind of go hand in hand.

So, I do believe that what you have here is a situation with both of these problems. And so what does a — what we have done in the past is basically have — everybody agrees on a cease-fire, and then everybody goes their separate way, and nobody addresses the root causes.

And what I would argue instead is, you need a sustainable three-way deal between Israel, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority to end this constant crisis. It’s a three-way political deal, in my opinion, where Hamas agrees to a long-term, sustainable, detailed cease-fire with Israel and also agrees to start taking steps to, over time, eventually disarm itself, or at least reduce its armaments or freeze them.

Israel, as part of this, agrees to relax the blockade. And, by the way, the blockade isn’t just Israel. It’s also Egypt, so, important remember that Israel and Egypt both have to agree to relax the blockade.

And so you get this three-way political deal, ideally mediated by Egypt, with support from the United States, the U.N. and the rest of the international community. And now you’re getting at the root causes of why we’re in this constant — this constant conflict.

I’m worried that’s not going to happen. The parties are all going to Egypt next week to begin these talks. I hope that we get it to a different place. I hope that the international community comes around that.

But there’s a real danger that we just all get together, nothing happens, the international community throws a bunch of money at the problem, everybody forgets about it, and then we have the same explosion in a few years.

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