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We refer to Mr Koh Hoong Tse’s letter “Condo managing agent not enforcing rules on masks” (May 22).

The Association of Property and Facility Managers (APFM) supports Mr Koh’s view that everyone in Singapore needs to put in effort to fight Covid-19 and prevent another circuit breaker.

Since the implementation of the phase one safe management measures (SMMs), post circuit breaker, APFM and its member firms have been diligently advising and educating residents of condominiums to abide by the SMM advisory guidelines issued periodically by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and other government agencies.

However, as staff of managing agents (MAs) and security companies are not accorded the powers of safe distancing enforcement officers, instances of outright non-compliance by some residents can be expected.

The compact size of condominium management offices and closure of function rooms have resulted in some MA staff working from home in order to comply with SMMs.

This invariably presents a new challenge in that the number of MA staff allowed on site is reduced whereas the number of residents working and studying from home increases.

To help mitigate non-compliance, APFM has issued a circular to its members to post notices and to regularly assess and identify the risks of transmission of Covid-19 that may arise in relation to all activities carried out in the estate.

We have also advised MA and security staff to step up patrolling, remind residents to observe SMMs and, if necessary, take down the particulars of residents who are uncooperative, keep records (for example, photos or videos) of such incidents and to report to BCA for follow-up.

In such challenging times, the understanding and cooperation of all who live and work in condominiums are necessary for SMMs to be effective in stemming the spread of Covid-19.

Self-help and mutual help will go a long way towards ensuring that scarce resources are effectively deployed for the safe and efficient management of common property and amenities.

Janet Han


Association of Property and Facility Managers

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