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I agree with Forum writer Vandana Aggarwal who said that “we have become ‘trigger-happy’ – shooting off our views and sharing information without any thought about its veracity and the implications” (Teach people how to post truthfully and responsibly online, June 2).

I was disappointed to read the comments on The Straits Times’ Facebook page about the article on Dr Sim Choon Seng, who has been suspended from practising medicine for 14 months, following his sentence in 2019 for taking upskirt photos.

I was shocked that though he has been punished by the court and also the Singapore Medical Council for what he did, online commentators felt justified to call him obscene names.

I have been a patient of Dr Sim’s for the past decade, and feel that he has paid for his crime, and does not deserve such name-calling.

Heng Cho Choon

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