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I refer to the letter “No one stepped forward to help victim in MRT assault” (May 27).

I believe there are some people in the population who would step forward to help. I, for one, would step forward.

However, I can understand why most people would wait for someone to make the first move before joining in.

In this situation, if you get involved, you would most probably have to use some force. If the assailant retaliates and you injure him, the court could prosecute you for assault.

If you step back, you may be at the receiving end of a strong, maybe even deadly, blow.

It is likely that no one will compensate you for your injuries or harm suffered. So who would want to step up?

I would, though. 

I am 66 this year. I told my children and grandchild that if I were in such a situation and I thought I could overpower the assailant, I would move in for a quick takedown.

If I were later charged in court, I would ask the prosecutor and judge – if the victim were your child, what would you do? Follow police protocol and call 999?

This might have worked in this case as the assault took place in a train.

If the assault had taken place outdoors, such as in a park or at the void deck, the assailant might have had the chance to escape before the police arrived.

Ultimately, we must stand up for what is right, not just for what is lawful.

Anthony Bok Yek San

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