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While driving downtown recently, I had to quickly avoid a vehicle that swerved into my lane on a busy road filled with merging traffic.

As I was slowing down near the traffic lights, I looked across at the driver of the vehicle and noticed that he was still tapping on his phone, which he held in the centre of the steering wheel while driving.

I see similar reckless acts every day.

When running in MacRitchie Reservoir Park, walking along Orchard Road, or eating in a restaurant (during normal times), I notice that around half of the hikers, pedestrians and diners are looking down at their phones instead of taking part in the real world around them.

I understand that we lead busy lives, and that driving, hiking and walking sometimes take away the ability to keep in touch with people while we are on the move.

I also understand that delivery riders and drivers, private-hire drivers and other commercial drivers rely on apps and electronic communication tools to keep in touch and work efficiently.

However, we should think about everything we are missing and, more importantly, consider how one moment of negligence or distraction could cause an accident, serious injury or worse.

Why don’t we put those phones away for a while and look up to observe the world around us for a more fulfilling, safer and engaging meal, walk, drive or hike.

Ralph Justin Dixon

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