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It is nice to see the effort made by FairPrice to manage crowding by offering seniors discounts on different days of the week.

Pioneer Generation seniors get 3 per cent off their groceries on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Those from the Merdeka Generation get the same discount on Wednesdays.

On Tuesdays, all shoppers above 60 enjoy 2 per cent off their groceries.

This helps spread the crowd over the weekdays.

However, this does not reduce the total number of seniors who visit the supermarkets in person.

FairPrice ought to work with the relevant stakeholders to encourage more seniors to shop online, and still enjoy the discounts.

By offering the same discount scheme for online purchases as the one for shopping at the outlets, FairPrice will help to reduce the number of people going into the stores.

This would definitely help reduce the risk of exposure to Covid-19.

Andrew Tan Kok Chua

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