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I congratulate and thank President Halimah Yacob for appointing two women to the Council of Presidential Advisers (Two new appointees join Council of Presidential Advisers, June 4).

This brings the number of women on the council to three. The new appointees bring a diversity of skills and experience to the council.

The greater representation of women on the council is a step towards gender equality and a recognition of the importance of having women in boardrooms.

Women bring a range of perspectives to decision-making and this leads to better decisions.

As women make up around half the population, it is imperative that we have women on the council who understand the needs, issues and problems faced by this large population base.

Research has proven that boardrooms with a gender balance are more likely to analyse and consider a wider range of issues and options, resulting in decisions which are more in touch with the needs of the people.

Women may ask more questions and be less willing to make decisions they do not fully understand.

They tend to have valuable leadership traits like effective communication and creative problem-solving.

I look forward to seeing more women appointed on other committees and boards.

Zaibun Siraj

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