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With effect from June 1, ride-hailing platform Grab will raise its base fare by a dollar.

The hike will apply to all of Grab’s transport services, excluding its standard taxi booking service, GrabCoach and GrabHitch.

The hike has drawn condemnation and displeasure among commuters who have to bear the brunt of the revised fares.

However, they may not be seeing the whole picture.

During the Covid-19 pandemic with safe distancing measures in place, gig economy workers such as Grab drivers have seen a pronounced decline in consumer demand, leading to reduced earnings.

As gig workers, they are not entitled to the regular benefits of employment like paid medical and childcare leave.

These workers are also not afforded legal protection under the Employment Act and the Work Injury Compensation Act.

The extra dollar that consumers pay goes somewhat towards levelling the playing field for these workers, while encouraging other sectors in the gig economy to help their workers too.

Manivasagam Sruthi

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