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We refer to Ms Angela Xu’s letter, “Mount Alvernia Hospital’s registration steps may increase infection risk” (June 8).

With the start of the heightened alert phase, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has tightened safe management measures within healthcare institutions to prevent further local transmission of infections.

One of MOH’s visitor management measures requires a warded patient to pre-register a visitor upon admission. The checking of the visitor’s identity card serves to ensure that the visitor is the person pre-registered in our system.

Additionally, the identification accuracy helps to expedite reporting and kick-starting of the contact-tracing process in an event of cases within the healthcare institutions.

The four questions asked at our screening point are also part of MOH’s standard screening criteria required at healthcare institutions.

Despite more than 1.5 years of battling Covid-19, we are committed to remain vigilant in complying with safe management measures. As part of this, staff are reminded to sanitise their hands regularly, and they remind visitors and patients to do likewise.

Specifically, at our screening area, bottles of hand sanitisers are available for use, and we will more actively invite visitors and patients to sanitise their hands after their identity cards have been handed back to them.

With regard to our staff member who spoke softly while conducting the screening, she might have been experiencing fatigue after screening many visitors.

However, we will reinforce to the screening team the need for clearer communications and proper safe distancing.

We are thankful for Ms Xu’s feedback, and will continue to work hard to ensure that the necessary screening procedures are carried out appropriately.

Han May Ching

Director, Corporate Development

Mount Alvernia Hospital

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