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We refer to Ms Irene Tham’s piece, “Are sports coaches who move across condos a weak link in S’pore’s Covid-19 fight?” (May 27), where she expressed her view that there were risks in allowing sport coaches to coach different clients during this heightened alert period.

We understand Ms Tham’s concern on the current posture of allowing outdoor one-to-one coaching to continue without limiting the number of consecutive classes a coach can conduct, and would like to respond.

On May 18, in line with the heightened alert posture at the national level, Sport Singapore clarified that there would be stricter measures for all sport and physical exercise activities in Singapore.

These measures take into account the different risk profile of indoor and outdoor activity, and the practical mitigation measures such as safe distancing, wearing masks when not engaging in strenuous activity, and to reduce the overall number of people involved in such activities at any one time.

This recognises the importance of allowing some physical activity for health and well-being to continue in lower-risk settings, while strongly encouraging everyone to meet the spirit of the current national posture to minimise social interactions.

The assessment is that the transmission risks in an outdoor setting for one-to-one swimming lessons, or other sport and exercise in a pair, can be adequately mitigated by the mandated measures.

Notwithstanding, coaches have also been advised to take precautions to protect themselves and their clients, such as not conducting lessons when they are unwell, and to reduce the intensity and number of clients that they take.

Besides coaches, we also encourage those taking part in these classes to responsibly practise care and judgment to limit the risk to themselves and others.

We seek the cooperation of everyone to remain unified in our fight against Covid-19.

S. Parameswaran

Deputy Director, Public Relations

Sport Singapore

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