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We thank Mr David Kwok Ng Kan for his letter, “Speed up lift installation for better access” (June 2).

The Land Transport Authority is focused on building a convenient, well-connected and inclusive land transport system for all.

For road crossings, we build zebra crossings or signalised pedestrian crossings to provide barrier-free access and convenience for the elderly, families with strollers and persons with disabilities.

These are complemented by pedestrian overhead bridges across major roads with fast-moving traffic, or where a pedestrian crossing may not be suitable as it may cause serious traffic congestion.

We have also started installing lifts at pedestrian overhead bridges. As there are nearly 600 pedestrian overhead bridges in Singapore, lifts are prioritised at locations that would benefit our more vulnerable and less ambulant commuters, in particular those near public transport nodes and healthcare institutions without nearby barrier-free crossings at ground level.

So far, lifts have been installed at close to 60 pedestrian overhead bridges and another 70 pedestrian overhead bridges have ramps. We are progressively installing lifts at about 40 more pedestrian overhead bridges.

The pedestrian overhead bridges at the three locations highlighted by Mr Kwok – Hong Lim Complex, Institute of Technical Education College East and Institute of Technical Education College Central – have accessible barrier-free crossings nearby within 100m to 170m.

We will continue to ensure pedestrians have barrier-free options and improve on the options available.

Ho Pui Ming, Deputy Group Director,

Infrastructure Design and Engineering (Design Development), Land Transport Authority

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