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We thank Mr Kevin Ho Kun Kok for his feedback on the wearing of masks on the golf course (Wearing of masks on golf course too restrictive, June 8).

While golf is an individual non-contact sport played in small groups over large outdoor spaces, effective safe distancing and other measures as per the latest safe management plans have been implemented to ensure a safe environment for all golfers.

The current safe management plan allows an individual engaged in outdoor golf of high intensity alone or with another person (that is, no more than two in the flight) to remove his mask for that period of activity.

Golf clubs and facilities can implement two golfers per flight or two groups of two golfers per flight.

  • For two golfers per flight: Masks may be taken off during the outdoor golf activity.
  • For more than two golfers in a flight, with the maximum of four golfers in a flight split into two groups: Masks must be on at all times and cannot be taken off even during outdoor golf.
  • All safe distancing measures within a group and other groups are to be adhered to at all times.

For golf to continue to be enjoyed by all, the Singapore Golf Association’s (SGA) safe management plans are aligned to the national safe management measures issued by Sport Singapore.

SGA cares for the health of its golfers, and we work together with the relevant government agencies to serve in the best interest of our golfers. The golf fraternity will continue to do its part in minimising Covid-19 transmission in our community.

Jerome Ng

General Manager

Singapore Golf Association

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