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It is not wise to allow one diner per table during this current period of heightened alert, as suggested by Mr Cheng Shoong Tat (Allow dining in to resume with one diner per table, May 25).

It is acceptable to make an exception for essential workers, including delivery riders, who do need a place to eat – usually for only a short while.

But if one diner per table were allowed for the community at large, there may be instances where diners continue to linger unmasked after having their meal.

Furthermore, there could be a potential loophole when two family members or friends go out together for a meal. They might chat with each other while having their meal, even if they are seated apart.

What is important now is for the current active clusters to be ring-fenced and brought under control, and the number of unlinked cases reduced or eliminated.

Damian Ng Swee Beng

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