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I refer to the article, “Are sports coaches who move across condos a weak link in S’pore’s Covid-19 fight?” (May 27).

As a caveat, I am writing this piece in the capacity of a fully vaccinated freelance swimming instructor and tuition teacher.

It was postulated that coaches who travel across different private pools are a weak link in Singapore’s Covid-19 fight.

While I accept that this leads to a higher risk profile, a weaker link in our fight is irresponsible behaviour. We need to promote behaviour that prevents the spread of the virus.

Sport Singapore’s advisory is in line with the United States’ Centres for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidance for public pools during Covid-19.

In general, being outdoors and in spaces with good ventilation, coupled with responsible behaviour such as social distancing, appropriate use of face shields and masks, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette, reduces the risk of exposure to infectious respiratory droplets.

An interesting question was posed in the article: If the outdoor environment is deemed safe for sports for one-on-one coaching, does it mean private tuition can be conducted as long as one-on-one lessons are outdoors?

Under the existing guidelines, outdoor one-to-one tuition is allowable, but is this feasible? I must say that a warm and humid outdoor environment is not an ideal learning environment for most children.

No measures are foolproof, and the sports industry’s risk-based approach is a pragmatic one that balances risks while preserving livelihoods.

Brandon Chan Yong Shin

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