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I refer to the article “Teen arrested over assault on woman at void deck” (June 6).

The 19-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly followed and assaulted a 51-year-old woman, who apparently took pictures of him and two others who were not wearing masks at a void deck.

Incidents like this will only reinforce Singapore residents’ tendency to not interfere when they see any wrongdoing.

The police or safe distancing ambassadors cannot be in all locations at all times, so public assistance is of significance in enforcing policies or preventing criminal acts.

We read recently about the act of violence in an MRT train, where a man assaulted another in full view of commuters, perhaps because he thought the public was unlikely to interfere (Suspect arrested over assault on MRT train, May 24).

Although the suspect was eventually arrested, the damage had already been done.

How can we mitigate such acts before they get worse?

Could Parliament address such incidents and consider a heavier penalty, and spotlight this issue so that potential aggressors will rethink their reactions before any damage is done¿

This might also encourage the public to be more civic-minded, and be quick to help or be open to helping with police matters when the need arises.

As members of society, we have to contribute to making Singapore a safer place, but the Government also needs to put in place sufficient deterrents to discourage violence.

Bernard Yeo Boon Yeow

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