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I refer to the reply from the Ministry of Health (Actions taken out of abundance of caution, June 3) in response to journalist Natalie Tan’s report, “Covid-19 scare, quarantine for family of 12 after maid’s early SHN discharge” (June 1).

While the ministry provided information on the current regimen of testing and quarantine in general, as well as what happened in the case of the employer mentioned in the report, many of us are wondering why maids were released early from stay-home notice (SHN) in the first place.

We can understand it if such SHNs are funded by the Government out of the public purse. However, as employers have paid for the full SHN, it is confounding why the maids were released prematurely.

This also seems to run counter to the current ethos of practising abundance of caution.

It would be appreciated if someone could shed light on this.

Pauline Margaret Chung Pui Lan

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