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SINGAPORE – Replacing a TraceTogether token the first time it is lost is free, but will come with a $9 fee for each subsequent replacement from Friday (June 4).

Replacing the tokens, which are used for Covid-19 contact tracing, can be done at any community centre (CC).

Those with financial difficulties can approach TraceTogether counter staff at the CCs to request for a fee waiver, the Smart Nation and Digital Government Office (SNDGO) said when announcing the change on Facebook on Thursday.

Faulty or damaged tokens, or those with dead batteries will still be replaced for free.

Payment of the replacement fee at CCs can be made by PayNow, EZ-Link, Nets Flashpay, MasterCard, Visa, JCB and Union Pay.

Cash payments will not be accepted. People who can pay only with cash can approach TraceTogether counter staff for help.

SNDGO had previously stated on its website that “subsequent replacement of lost tokens will be chargeable” should a person lose the token multiple times, but did not indicate the replacement fee amount.

Since the TraceTogether tokens were first issued in late June last year, the proportion of people who lost their tokens multiple times appears to be low.

SNDGO said that 95 per cent of tokens replaced so far have been for tokens that were faulty or had run out of battery.

About 3 per cent were for tokens that were lost for the first time and the remaining 2 per cent for tokens lost two or more times.

For more details on the TraceTogether token, visit this website.

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