Migrants meet militarized borders, kidnappers on dangerous chase of the ‘American Dream’

Tania Rashid:

As we drive through Guatemala, we see the Biden administration policy and coordination, as large groups of migrants are met with militarized checkpoints, stopping and detaining migrants along the trek.

We are about four or five hours into the Guatemala-Honduras border, and the army has detained 45 migrants for illegally entering Guatemala. Many have been without food or water for four to five hours, and now they are about to be sent back to Honduras in trucks.

In just a matter of minutes, they are taken away. Later that night, we hear from Johan.

Just now, we have received this video footage of him trekking in the dead of the night through the jungle. And he sounds out of breath and exhausted. And shortly after that, he just now sent a text message right after that video saying that he is really scared and that half of the people he was with were kidnapped.

And now we have tried to get in touch with him. I have called him several times, and we haven’t heard anything back.

As we continue to wait for news from Johan, we come across reports of other migrants kidnapped from the same caravan, a common danger for many heading north.

So, we just got word that Johan is nearby, and he made it after all, and he’s walking up right now.

Is that him?

It is. And he tells us about his harrowing journey.

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