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I think the main problem is that people tend to linger and talk without masks. Even with one person sitting per table, at such close proximity in our hawker centres and food courts, there is still a risk of transmission.

Wong Kin Mun

Frankly, two per table with no mingling is okay, so that businesses are still sustainable. But it must be very strictly adhered to.

Micheka Lee Suet Fong

Get the unlinked cases sorted, then we will all go out and eat to our heart’s content.

Yvonne Choy Sook Yee

Why not install sneeze guard shields on all tables, this way it can be safe to dine-in. Only that the shields need to be disinfected after each use.

Emdy MK

Economically speaking, allowing one diner per table would not be good for F&B, because when that happens, then there could be no support (which they are hardly getting right now) from the Government and overheads alone would kill most restaurants.

Don Soprano

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