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Home renovation is going on below my home. I have two children in primary school who are doing home-based learning (HBL).

Yes, it can be really loud, so I just explain to my children that the workers are just doing their jobs. I gave the children headphones to help them listen better during HBL.

Charmaine Ting

My neighbour is doing renovation work with six days of demolition.

My children are doing HBL, and cannot hear a single word the teachers are saying. How are they to learn?

Spare a thought for the students who are taking major exams at the end of this month.

Doreen Hong

With the restrictions on foreign workers, renovation work is already taking much longer compared with pre-Covid times.

To anyone who wants renovation to stop altogether, spare a thought for new home owners and, more importantly, the industry. They have mouths to feed, too.

Joey Hoo YL

Contractors and home owners also have deadlines. Unless all housing transactions and handovers are paused as well, renovation will need to continue.

What we need are more empathetic employers. Students are generally able to seek help from their schools if their homes are not conducive for HBL.

Matthew Lee

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